WordPress for a Lazybum, Part 3

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Disclaimer: NONE of the links here are affiliate links. They are just, y’ know, plain links. I’m writing based on my experiences setting up this site, and not promoting or putting down anyone’s services.

Previously I fleshed out the structure of my site, did a video background for my landing page and set a static front page. That took me a whole week to figure out. Now I’m moving on to actually putting in content and styling my pages. I’m sure that would be more fun to do.

As mentioned previously, my page composer of choice is Visual Composer by the folks at WPBakery. Without a visual composer (i.e. in “classic” mode), WordPress would only have a blank page when you added one. I wouldn’t know what the heck I’m supposed to do with it (HTML, I guess?). So I’m glad someone had the idea to do a drag-and-drop composer. Merci beaucoup~

After buying and installing Visual Composer, I also put in the Ultimate Add-ons because I went to their site and saw the many fancy things they did with their add-on functions. I suppose it would not be too hard to learn how to use their add-ons because they have a sandbox for users to try out (I use it to check how they did some of the effects). Actually, they offer a WordPress theme and other freebies after you purchase so you could potentially use their theme as well. But apparently you have to delete everything (why? I wonder) and turn your wordpress site into a clean slate before installing their theme. I didn’t want to do that!

So many effects…so little time to use them all

Now, Visual Composer + Ultimate Addons, done. So I got on to styling my first page, which is the main page. In Visual Composer it is really quite simple; just choose Backend editor  >> Add element >> Choose element >> and done.

1. Select from under the page title…
2. Choose the ‘+’ sign to add element (or the blocks on the right to use template)
3. Select the element that you want

It usually involves creating a row, creating columns for the row and then inserting a text box. Anyway these are the beginning steps, the rest can be seen by going to their video tutorials here (Visual Composer’s channel).

So I put in a bit of stuff, made some fancy buttons with links to other pages. It looked pretty awesome to me. So I clicked preview to see how it will actually look like. Man, it did not look like how I expected it to be. I didn’t want the site title to be there! I didn’t want the footer widget! I didn’t want this and that, and I wanted to change this and that. So I did a google search on what I didn’t want, and turns out many others have the same questions too. These are easily resolved by putting in a few lines of CSS codes, and the folks at aThemes.com recommend installing Simple Custom CSS. They also provided the snippets for easy reference.

With that, I was able to get rid of stuff that I didn’t want, and put in the stuff that I do. When I have a question, I simply post it in their forum (after searching for answers to no avail). aThemes staff are quite on the ball and gets back usually within a few hours (maybe because I’m on the Pro version now, ha ha).

So I’m kinda done on the basic setup of WordPress and for this series of WordPress for Lazybums. I think after I finish the site I will have to put up to Google for indexing…getting the spiders to crawl and all that, which is again beyond my brain capacity now. So I’ll leave it for later.

Summarizing this post:

  1. Used Visual Composer and Ultimate Addons to style my page
  2.  Got rid of and added some customizations to my site with the help of aThemes.com’s forums and also posting in their Q&A. Installed Simple Custom CSS to get things done.

Can’t wait to get my site full of information and up and running. ^_^

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