Handsome Siblings

Update: Handsome Siblings (1992) 絕代雙驕 Movie Page

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Short update: The page for Handsome Siblings (1992) is finally up.

I have fond memories of this movie. It isn’t as well-recognized as the other Brigitte Lin wuxia classics, such as Swordsman II, New Dragon Gate Inn, The Bride with White Hair and Ashes of Time, mainly because it is peppered with too many low-level jokes. However, Brigitte is stunning as More, and Andy Lau shows off his funny, charismatic side. Ng Man Tat and Deanie Ip have great chemistry on screen, and Francis Ng gives an outstanding performance as the cowardly but evil Kong Yuk-long.

I used to watch this movie countless times at home. I think we had a videotape or something, it wasn’t even a VCD.

Now I actually own the DVD. How time flies.

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