Site Update 15/9/2016

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It’s been almost a week since my last update. Mostly I have been putting up drafts of sections under another main section, wherever inspiration hits me. Now the main page is up, and so are the following sections:

Sometimes I thought I could fly through with the contents, but actually finding suitable pictures, editing them, compiling them, putting them up, adjusting, etc. could actually take a whole night.

I think after I set up the sub pages for Brigitte’s films from 1970s to 1980s, and that of 1980s to 1990s, I’m going to take it a bit slower. After all, taking snapshots and writing synopsis, gathering facts about the films do take time. And most importantly I want to enjoy the process rather than putting up content for the sake of it.

I almost completed the draft for New Dragon Gate Inn (1992), and that alone took me about three days. @_@ 100 movies, will that take a year? I wonder. But I suppose I will be more brief on her earlier lovey-dovey works and spend more time on the genre that I like – wuxia (martial arts). Swordsman II was my intro to Brigitte Lin anyway, and remains one of the favourite films of my life.

So as soon as I complete a page, I will drop a small update here.

What else is there to do:

The main stuff:

  • Sub page for 1970s to 1980s films
  • Sub page for 1980s to 1990s films
  • Individual movie pages – basic info, character list, synopsis, related videos, trivia and purchase links
  • Related publications
  • Links to interesting Brigitte-related sites

The side stuff that I may do when free:

  • A glossary of wuxia terms
  • A geeky review of all Brigitte’s characters in her films

Other than setting up this site I’m also going to learn some principles of design for better user experience. Got an email from CodeSchool this morning about Beginner’s Guide to Web Development. I may sign up for their HTML/ CSS path.

Ok now, back to setting up the site…

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