Portrait of Lin Ching Hsia

A Portrait of Lin Ching Hsia | 亞視林青霞寫真 (1991)

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A couple of days ago a fellow Brigitte Lin fan left a comment on one of my videos in my YouTube channel. He asked if I could post the video of a 1991 documentary of Brigitte Lin by Asia TV, “A Portrait of Lin Ching Hsia” in English subtitles.

Well it was a challenge. I do not know of any English subtitled versions of this video. So I thought it would be nice if I could do one, and many non-Chinese speakers could watch and understand more about Brigitte.

Here is the video:

There is a longer version out there, but subtitling this has already taken up 8 hours (and it is only 45 minutes long!). So I guess I’ll skip that part, haha.

The main thing is that, in a movie, characters tend to take turns to talk. But this is part narration and part interview. In the interview part, Brigitte and the interviewees will talk at the same time, sometimes very quickly, and subtitling becomes very difficult. Moreover, I had to translate the thing. What can I say? I have new found respect for the hardcore anime fans who spent days and weeks subtitling their favourite shows now. Ha ha.

The documentary features interviews with Nan-sun Shi, Tsui Hark, a dance with Jordan Chan, interviews with Brigitte’s friends and parents, her then-boyfriend Chin Han, and some visits to her hometowns in Chia-I and Sanchong. It’s a very casual look at Brigitte’s life, and she seems super relaxed at that time after just winning the Golden Horse award.

Come to think of it, that was actually at one low point in her career towards the end of the 80s. In 1992, she would come back with “Swordsman II”, “New Dragon Gate Inn” and become super popular in Asia again. I really miss those days even though I was just in elementary school.

Anyway, hope the short video above can help more people get to know about Brigitte Lin as a person. She was a superstar then, but she certainly felt like someone who lived next door.

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