Microsoft Virtual Academy

Microsoft Virtual Academy & Visual Basic Fundamentals

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I have been taking this free course from Microsoft Virtual Academy on Visual Basic Fundamentals. The best part? It’s free! The next best part? The quality is awesome. There are no shortcuts or sloppy explanations.   Visual Basic Fundamentals The course gives an overview of Visual Studio 2015, and makes it quite easy to understand for people who have never written a single line of code in their life (that’s me). There are some parts where the lecturer Bob Tabor goes over very quickly, but a little bit of extra effort to re-watch the video or do some research on Google […]

Imagine What You Can Do In a Year: My Front End Web Development Journey

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A couple of days ago I read a blog post from Treehouse titled “Imagine What You Can Do In a Year” about a Treehouse student Ms. Ashley Harpp. It was a motivating read and an apt reminder that we can accomplish a lot by doing a little every day. My biggest problem is always trying to get to the end point quickly, then losing momentum either through loss of interest, or giving up after hitting an obstacle. Or getting overwhelmed with other life events, and then not picking up that initial goal again after the busy period is over. Or getting distracted […]


Front End Web Development with Team Treehouse

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Yesterday I subscribed to Team Treehouse (again) for their course on Front End Web Development. It is a basic subscription at about $25 USD a month. Had tried the Python course before, but it was a little too dry for me. After all, I have no programming experience, and I needed to visualize what I can do with the stuff that I’m learning. So my interest in Python sort of waned after going through a few exercises. Anyway, web development is different. At least, after putting in some HTML, I can see something appearing before my eyes, which is interesting. […]