, Brigitte’s old movies and Mumblings, 19/9/2016

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For the past couple of days I didn’t put anything up. There was a public holiday, and I made full use of the long weekend to settle other personal stuff. I should’ve done those a long time ago, but kinda held them back due to my excitement about this site.

Also I finally got past the crazy questions in order to sign up as a Level 1 member of It is a strange Chinese video sharing website that is dominated by anime and vocaloid stuff (what do you call this sub-culture?). But there are no shortages of good quality Brigitte Lin videos as well, so it’s a site that I frequent. There are some old movies that have good quality (much better than the ones on YouTube), and also fan-made videos. The funny thing is most of the videos tend to “match up” Brigitte with other female stars, usually Joey Wong (the legendary 26 seconds in “The East is Red” certainly inspired a lot of imagination). Sigh…these active minds.

I also spent some time looking for Brigitte’s old videos that are neither on YouTube nor The rare ones are like 《1938大驚奇》、《四傻害羞》that are available on Tudou, and the really extinct ones include 《無情荒地有情天》(the first movie to use Brigitte’s original voice)、《成功嶺上》、《一對傻鳥》、《槍口下的小百合》、《脂粉奇兵》. I wonder why, given Brigitte’s popularity at that time, were those movies not released on home video? Or maybe someone does have it.

I hope one day a company will decide to compile and release all 100 of Brigitte’s movies in a single, remastered collection. I’ll be one of the first to buy it.

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