The Bride with White Hair (1993) - Brigitte Lin

Update: The Bride with White Hair (1993) | 白髮魔女傳

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The Bride with White Hair (1993) is a high-fantasy wuxia film, directed by Ronny Yu, and starring Brigitte Lin and Leslie Cheung. I remember watching this movie at home, on VHS with my family, after becoming a huge fan of Brigitte Lin. I remember being absolutely disappointed because I had no idea what was going on, thanks to the heavy censorship on the film (yep, most of Brigitte and Leslie’s scenes in the water? Gore? All gone). Now that I got to watch it 23 years later, I realized how beautiful the film was, and how masterfully Brigitte and Leslie […]

Secret Love for Peach Blossom Spring

Update: Secret Love for the Peach Blossom Spring (暗戀桃花源)

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Finally, I got the page for Secret Love for Peach Blossom Spring up and running. Please check the link here. After I am done with Handsome Siblings, my Brigitte Lin 1992 collection will be complete! Then I will move on to 1993, and 1994. That’s another 12 movies to go for the 90s…but I will get it done!


Center Stage《阮玲玉》 (1992) – Theme Song Music Video

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Center Stage (《阮玲玉》)is a movie released in 1992. Directed by Stanley Kwan, starring Maggie Cheung as 1930s actress Ruan Lingyu, Tony Leung Kar-fai, Ng Kei Wah, Chin Han, Carina Lau and Cecilia Yip. It was one of my favourite movies in the 1990s. I remember when it was shown on TV, it was in the late night and my family were all asleep. I stayed up to watch and was mesmerized by the cast's performance. The story of Ruan Lingyu was also very intriguing and sad. She passed away at the age of 24 by suicide after incessant harassment by [...]