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Microsoft Virtual Academy & Visual Basic Fundamentals

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I have been taking this free course from Microsoft Virtual Academy on Visual Basic Fundamentals. The best part? It’s free! The next best part? The quality is awesome. There are no shortcuts or sloppy explanations.


Visual Basic Fundamentals

The course gives an overview of Visual Studio 2015, and makes it quite easy to understand for people who have never written a single line of code in their life (that’s me). There are some parts where the lecturer Bob Tabor goes over very quickly, but a little bit of extra effort to re-watch the video or do some research on Google usually helps.

I don’t think I will be able to write a program with VB right after completing the series of 25 videos, but at least I know where to continue my studies from there. Eventually, I want to develop a system for my company that every overseas subsidiary can use. Aaaaand I can put my name on it, haha.


Microsoft Virtual Academy

The Microsoft Virtual Academy has other courses for different IT professionals, such as Developers and Database professionals. The courses are also organized from Beginner to Advanced, so anyone can start with their appropriate level.

Microsoft Virtual Academy Landing Page
Microsoft Virtual Academy Contents

Another great resource I found is, which is also created by Bob Tabor. Membership is required to view most of the videos, which is $100 for a year and $250 for a lifetime subscription. I am going to get the lifetime subscription after I finish this basic course on Visual Basic. I’m hoping to pick up all the basics of HTML, CSS, C#, and also learn about architecture and unit testing.

There is also a curriculum to show potential developers which path they should be taking. It could be a tools-driven architecture path, or a maintenance driven architecture path. I may go for the tools-driven path first, then move on to the maintenance driven path later.


That’s all for today!

Alright, that’s all for today. This weekend I will work on the website and do up Secret Love for the Peach Blossom Land and Handsome Siblings, then my 1992 collection for Brigitte Lin will be complete.

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