Why I Created This Site

  1. Because I could not find a website in English completely dedicated to Brigitte Lin Ching-hsia herself. There are really awesome reviews about her films and write ups of her out there, though, and a simple Google search should suffice.
  2. Like my heroine Ms Akiko Tetsuya, who interviewed Brigitte Lin and wrote a book about her, I wanted to channel my fan energy somewhere. Since I am not much of a writer, a fansite seemed like the only other option to express my geeky thoughts.
  3. I wanted to learn how to make a WordPress site but had no idea what content to do. Sure I could replicate YouTube videos but I also wanted something to sustain my interest. Making a website for my favourite actress seems like a great way to do so!
  4. To interact with other fans if they ever find my website, haha (SEO eludes me).  If you have anything you wish to contribute, let me know and I will give you proper credit for it.

Managing Users' Expectations

I have no background in design and am only starting out to learn how to make a WordPress site from scratch. CSS and HTML are like alien languages to me and I have no experience in UX design at all. This means not everything is going to be rendered beautifully and you might find your experience jarring at some parts. Let me know how I can improve it and I will try my best.

I’m not a native English speaker, my grammar is far from perfect and I may use some words in the wrong way. I do not mean to offend anybody in any way.

This site is not mobile-friendly because of the heavy video content and stretched photos, so do view it on a tablet or desktop.

Most of the content here are original research and/or translated from Mandarin websites (so little information about Brigitte in English!).

Lastly, this website is not meant to be an all-fact website like Wikipedia. I will litter my personal opinions throughout the site (and indicate as such) because this is after all, a personal site. If you wish to, check out Brigitte Lin’s Wikipedia page instead.

Have fun!

What's Powering this Website

This website is powered by WordPress.org running Sydney Pro theme. A business theme for a private website? Ho ho! I think the theme is awesome though, there is a lot of customization and the support is great. I’m not an affiliate, but if you wish to see their other themes, go to aThemes.com. Last I had a question about CSS they responded within two hours (on a Saturday morning, no less).

One note, though – the Sydney theme has their own preferred page builder by SiteOrigin. This causes some limitations as to what I can do with the Visual Composer that I already bought (ugh). So if you are creating your site with themes from aThemes.com, just use the SiteOrigin builder instead. It is free! But Visual Composer by itself is also a great tool. There are many options and Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer makes a great add-on.

Lastly, this site is hosted by SiteGround, which I chose after reading many reviews about other hosting sites. So far I am happy with the uptime and support I have received. If you are looking for a host, check ’em out.

Link to Disclaimer

Finally, there are some disclaimers about this website that you may wish to check out. Click the pink button below to view, or click the blue button to contact me.