Imagine What You Can Do In a Year: My Front End Web Development Journey

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A couple of days ago I read a blog post from Treehouse titled “Imagine What You Can Do In a Year” about a Treehouse student Ms. Ashley Harpp. It was a motivating read and an apt reminder that we can accomplish a lot by doing a little every day.

My biggest problem is always trying to get to the end point quickly, then losing momentum either through loss of interest, or giving up after hitting an obstacle. Or getting overwhelmed with other life events, and then not picking up that initial goal again after the busy period is over. Or getting distracted by something that interests me more at the moment. Terrible, I know.

Ms Harpp herself wrote a blog post called “Find (and Keep) Your Motivation to Code“. Simple advice about how to continue learning when the initial excitement wears off (seems to be written for someone like me). Her three points of advice? Connect with the culture, celebrate each win no matter how small, and set realistic goals. Connect with the culture is to get yourself familiar with the field. You could either through interaction with other coders, follow the work of professionals or read related books. Celebrate each win is to contribute and share your accomplishments. Set realistic goals – well this is a no-brainer – set aside time that you can afford to each day to work on your goal. A little as 30 mins or an hour a day, can add up and contribute to long term learning in a big way.

Sometimes I just go, “Aaaaah! I’m so tired!” And then zonk in front of the screen for hours, instead of making time to learn. If I had spent those hours doing something more productive, I would have achieved so much more by now…

Anyway, the course for front end web development is about 68 hours. Which means if I put in an hour a day, I would finish it in two months. I would earn a badge of track completion, I would have learnt the basics of web design, I would have the foundation to move onto something more complicated. Like C#. Like PHP development. Or maybe Javascript. Or Ruby on Rails. I would have a nice portfolio of work. I could work in a firm or I could do some freelance work. Wouldn’t that be nice?

See? I’m going too far ahead again. Anyway, I will definitely set aside an hour a day to learn how to design a website properly. At the same time I’m working on my APICS CSCP (Certified Supply Chain Professional) exam. Must not waste time anymore.

I suppose my updating of this site will be a bit slower. Now that it’s about taking screenshots, gathering information and writing synopses. Now that the Swordsman II and New Dragon Gate Inn pages are up, I’m first going to focus on the other movies in 1992, then 1993, 1994, before moving on to the 80s. Eventually the 70s, which I kind of dread because Brigitte’s movies of that decade are not the genre that I like. But…a tribute is a tribute, and her work is her work. No movie is too difficult to sit through as long as Brigitte’s in it, right? 😀

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