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Yesterday I subscribed to Team Treehouse (again) for their course on Front End Web Development. It is a basic subscription at about $25 USD a month. Had tried the Python course before, but it was a little too dry for me. After all, I have no programming experience, and I needed to visualize what I can do with the stuff that I’m learning. So my interest in Python sort of waned after going through a few exercises.

Anyway, web development is different. At least, after putting in some HTML, I can see something appearing before my eyes, which is interesting. And having customized this site with some CSS (with help from the team on the Sydney theme), I sort of saw what it can do. Although I mostly did all the animation with Visual Composer, I would like to learn how to make a website without relying on it, and have some creation of my own.

I think there is no need to introduce about Treehouse now, it is one of the most well known online technology schools that offers different “tracks” for subscribers to choose. For example, other than the Front End Web Developer track, there is the Python track, PHP Development Track, Java Developer Track, etc. They come with video instructions and a “Workspace” that allows the learner to code along with the instructor.

I chose Treehouse because it seemed more geared towards beginners and easier to follow. Of course, there are free options like Udacity, and really great options like CodeSchool,, Codeacademy etc. But I liked the interface for Treehouse better. And CodeSchool is a bit difficult to follow for total beginners like me. Maybe when I finish this track I will switch to CodeSchool for more in-depth knowledge. But for now I’m sticking with Treehouse.

Taking things a step further, I would also like to take on the Techdegree or Udacity’s Nanodegree. It seems that the Nanodegree has more industry partners (=higher recognition?) than the Techdegree. But the idea is to work on some projects and get feedback from other people. I’ll decide on this a little later.

Other than that, got to start exercising too. If not, spending hours sitting with eyes glued to my PC screen isn’t going to do great for my health. Running seems to be a great option.

Anyway, I will post my progress here regularly just to keep myself on track. Wish me luck!

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