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I haven’t updated this site for a while. Have been feeling kind of tired lately with the season changing, and I didn’t want to do a slipshod job. The last thing I did was the music video for “Center Stage”, a favorite movie of mine in the 1990s. I think it was quite well edited, even though I didn’t put in any special effects beyond some transitions. The painful part was actually not being able to include all the great scenes. But the story has to flow so…snip.

Last night, I was browsing through some of my old “Favourite” videos on YouTube and found an old song that I liked a lot – Joan Jett’s “I hate myself for loving you”. Then I suddenly had the idea of doing a flashy video edit for Brigitte Lin’s movies. Most of the tributes and MVs about her movies on YouTube and Bilibili are based on Chinese ballads, or those with traditional instruments. I suppose it is because most of Brigitte Lin’s movies are either about love or wuxia, so it makes sense.

I’m going to do something different. I don’t hate myself for loving Brigitte Lin but it will definitely be a fun edit to do, and hopefully a fun video to watch. The challenge? I’m going to use all the movies available to do the edit. It will be a four-minute montage of all 60+ movies from the 70s to the 90s. Ha ha ha! I’m excited just thinking about it.

Haven’t thought of a title yet, but it has got to be something flashy and fun. It’s Joan Jett’s music we’re talking about after all!

Ok that’s all for now. Gotta go back to work. Hopefully I can get the video up this weekend. Last I did for Center Stage it took me five hours – let’s see how long this will take.

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